MSA2017 ZyGoLabs

ZyGoLabs: Zygomycete Fungi in Teaching and Research - July 15, 2017

This year at the annual  Mycological Society of America meeting in Athens, GA, the ZyGoLife research team hosted the first ZyGoLabs workshop.  It was an all day affair that focused on hands-on isolation and observation laboratories that can be implemented in teaching and research.  We had a total of 25 participants including students, postdocs and professors, as well as those from industry and the general public.  The workshop was held in the Plant Pathology teaching lab in the Miller Plant Sciences Building at the University of Georgia.  A big thanks to the Department of Plant Pathology for hosting us and especially to Marin Brewer and Tina Jones for all their help.  The workshop was a big success and we plan on offering it again in the near future.  Here are a few photos of participants and the fungi we observed.

ZyGoLife workshop participants in front of Miller Plant Sciences Building.

Tim James lecturing on Stylopage, a genus of nematode destroying fungi in Zoopagomycota.

Participants busy examining zygomycete fungi.

Jason Stajich’s hand interpretation of zygospore formation.

ZyGo Sex.  ZyGoLife participant, Ton Tran, showing early stage of sexual reproduction in Phycomyces.

Poor little nematode trapped by Stylopage.

Grass roots stained to show arbuscules and hyphae of Glomeromycotina.

Germinating basidiospores of Basidiobolus shot onto agar surface from frog dung isolation.

The mycoparasitic Piptocephalis.